Present, preserve and protect

Packaging Bags & Stand Up Food Pouches NZ

The right products to bag the right customers

Bags and stand-up pouches are, quite literally, part and parcel of a wide variety of businesses. The right packaging can protect your products, especially food, from moisture and oxygen damage, thereby enhancing their shelf life. They also enhance visibility and shelf appeal when combined with the right branding. At Allflex, we can supply food grade bags in films such as cellophane and stand-up pouches to help you market your products better.

In-stock bags

We carry a range of bag sizes in BOPP 31µ, BOPP 40µ, PET 20µ perforated, compostable and nylon//PE vacuum bags for a variety of uses – confectionery, spices, snack foods, candy floss, pies and bakery products. All our BOPP bags are made from barrier film with a PVDC outer layer for oxygen protection.

Printed or plain custom-made bags and stand-up pouches

We can manufacture bags and stand-up pouches to your custom requirements, with the added bonus of being able to be printed. Our machines can produce bags with wickets, gussets, hole punches, tear tabs and lap, fin or side seals. We can also make custom 3-side seal sachets, vacuum bags and stand-up pouches and perforated bags for pies.

Let’s make it happen!

At every level of our business our highly trained, experienced staff can work with you to discover the best packaging solutions for your products. We not only make high quality bags and pouches but have direct access to world class films and proven technology that delivers exceptional results.

As an independent, NZ owned and operated company based in Auckland, our mission is to enable other New Zealand businesses to be successful by providing considered packaging solutions. Our products help you ensure your valuable products reach your customers in pristine condition. Talk to our customer service team to find out more.