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packaging for baked goods

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Packaging that travels well & transports your customers

The taste of a warm pie oozing delicious fillings. The crispness of the crust. The eat-me-now invitation from a glazed donut. Baked goods are a treat for the senses. They can transport people into a world of amazing aromas, fresh hot pastries and bread that melts in the mouth. 

If your bakery doesn’t serve customers on site, you need your packaging to deliver this experience. Take advantage of our specialist knowledge when it comes to food packaging for bakery products. Maintaining product freshness and prolonging shelf life is our bread and butter, so to speak.

Key Issues

See-through packaging to show off those delicious, inviting delights. Product information along with brand recognition is paramount

Controlling moisture and eradicating rancidity

Bakery items can be fragile in both transportation and display and needs tough outer packaging

Our Solutions

  • Packaging Design: Selecting the right package and print to highlight your product
  • Film Selection: Barrier films designed to reduce water and gas diffusion into or out of flexible bakery packaging. Alternatively, we can provide perforation technology to enhance moisture and gas transmission and for using in pie warmers

  • Flexible Packaging: It gives your product protection from external environmental factors such as direct contact

Let’s make it happen!

At every level of our business our highly trained, experienced staff can work with you to discover the best packaging solutions for your products. We produce a variety of food packaging that are certified food safe. We also have direct access to world class films and proven technology that delivers exceptional results.

As an independent, NZ owned and operated company based in Auckland, our mission is to enable other New Zealand businesses to be successful by providing considered packaging solutions. Our products help you ensure your valuable products reach your customers in pristine condition. Talk to our customer service team to find out more.