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How to Source Trusted Packaging Supplies in Auckland

Dallas Whaitiri
April 17, 2024

Packaging is more than just the protective material enclosing your products. It is a vital aspect of your branding and representative of your business overall. As the first thing potential customers see, it should instantly identify your brand and convince consumers that it is a reliable, quality choice. 

Sourcing a trusted provider of high-quality supplies is essential for safely packaging your products and ensuring they stand out on the shelf. Deciding which company to choose can be overwhelming, which is why the knowledgeable team at Allflex has prepared a step-by-step guide to finding reliable suppliers in Auckland.

If you are seeking superior food packaging NZ-wide, we can help. As industry leaders with 100 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find trusted solutions that offer quality and convenience. With our expert guide, you can learn how to confidently acquire the supplies you need in Auckland. 

Determine Your Food Packaging NZ Requirements

The first step to finding reliable supplies is to establish your packaging needs. Until you have a clear vision of exactly what you need and want from your packaging, you will not be able to able to find a suitable supplier. 

Establish the following factors before going any further:

  • Budget: What are your budgetary constraints, if any?
  • Branding: Who are you trying to reach? What message are you trying to convey to consumers? How can you convey this effectively?   
  • Presentation: What kind of image are you trying to achieve? Who are you seeking to communicate with? Do you want to appear minimalist, modern, funky, or serious? 
  • Specifications: Determine the nature of the packaging you require. What size or sizes does it need to come in? How robust should it be? If your products are fragile, does the packaging need to include additional protection? What factors are needed to ensure freshness if you are selling perishable foods? 

Once you have clarity on the dimensions, level of protection and presentation you require from your packaging, you are ready for the next step. 

Browse Local Suppliers

You should conduct extensive research into Auckland-based food packaging suppliers so you can make an informed decision. While Google might be the obvious starting point, don’t stop there. Consider the following alternative search avenues to give yourself the best chance of finding a suitable supplier for your needs.

  • News Sources: Look for magazines or trusted websites that review and round up products from numerous brands to understand their benefits and drawbacks better. 
  • Trade Shows: Meeting suppliers in person is a great way to get a feel for their brand and ask any specific questions you may have. It also gives you an opportunity to test the products for yourself and see if they meet your standards. Major events like The Field Days, The Food Show and the Go Green Expo are excellent places to conduct research.
  • Forums: Scrolling through industry-specific forums is another useful channel for gaining information about available options. 
  • Social Media: Social media provides a good snapshot of a business’s brand values, aesthetics and reputation. It is also helpful for perusing user feedback, as many people share their thoughts in Instagram comments or leave Facebook reviews.

After this exercise, you should have a solid list of suppliers that suit your needs. Help narrow down your decision with the next step in our guide…

Trust Word Of Mouth

It’s time to turn to your network. Ask your colleagues, industry connections, and other business owners for their recommendations on food packaging NZ-wide. Word of mouth is a fantastic source of reliable information from people who have tried and tested products for themselves. To broaden your results, why not create a LinkedIn poll or send an EDM to your business network?

Do Your Background Research

Once you have refined your list further, it’s time to conduct thorough background research on all remaining candidates. This will help seal the decision and get your packaging supply requirements underway.

Look For Qualifications

First, check that the suppliers you are considering have adequate credentials. Are they qualified with relevant industry standards? Do they have any environmental accreditations? Do they meet New Zealand’s compliance requirements? Have they won any awards or been officially recognised in some way? 


This will help you assess their quality management systems and overall commitment to quality, which brings us to our next point: quality control. Is packaging made on-site or overseas? What materials are used? Do they offer any warranties or guarantees? How is the company ensuring its products stand out above competitors? Dig deep and gather as much information as you can. 

Consider The Planet

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in packaging. Investigate the environmental policies of all companies you are considering and determine how these policies directly impact the products you might be purchasing. Many businesses offer planet-friendly options, such as recycled or biodegradable packaging or low-energy production processes.   

Try Before You Buy

Lastly, be sure to try all packaging before making a purchase commitment. Request samples so you can test them out with your specific products to see how they look and feel. Put them through the motions they will go through on a daily basis. Do they withstand all handling? Do they keep the food product fresh and, if necessary, crisp? Does it feel robust and durable?

Source The Very Best With Allflex

Maintaining brand reputation and product integrity is crucial for lasting success. When it comes to food packaging, don’t compromise on quality. This important component of your products promotes your business brand identity and safeguards your goods from physical damage. Discover the key to packaging success with an expert provider who knows their stuff.


At Allflex, we produce exceptional food packaging products that you can trust. Everything is made here in New Zealand at our Auckland facilities using only the best materials. For your peace of mind, we hold HACCP accreditation for food-safe packaging and provide a range of eco-friendly food packaging options. No matter where in the country your business is located, whether large or small, we have the solution for you.

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