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What You Need to Know About Food Packaging Supplies in NZ

Dallas Whaitiri
April 17, 2024

Are you in the food production business and looking for premium food packaging supplies NZ-wide? The importance of high-quality packaging can’t be underestimated. As the first thing a consumer sees when browsing products, it should be attractive and well-made. Catch the eye of consumers, and don’t settle for less than the best.

You might be overwhelmed by the variety of choices out there and unsure which products are right for your business. At Allflex, we consider ourselves experts on all things packaging, especially when it comes to the local market. Read on to gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of food packaging available in NZ. We’ll cover the essential information you need to make well-informed decisions for your business.

What Is Flexible Packaging?

Several types of food packaging are available in New Zealand, but one in particular has gained popularity in recent years: flexible packaging. This method of packaging uses non-rigid materials such as foil, plastic and paper to construct pliable product containers like bags, wraps, rollers and pouches. This type of packaging is incredibly versatile, making it an excellent choice for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care. 


It also offers many benefits compared to traditional forms of packaging. Using less base material than rigid packaging enhances production efficiency and minimises energy usage – and, therefore, its environmental impact. It also promotes a longer product life and allows greater room for innovation.  

Flexible Food Packaging Supplies In NZ

The right packaging can enhance your product’s shelf life by protecting it from oxygen and moisture damage. This is especially important for food, which is why flexible packaging solutions are ideal for food-related products. At Allflex, our range of high-quality food-grade bags and stand-up pouches are safer for your food and will enhance its visibility on the shelf. 

Types of Flexible Packaging

Our comprehensive selection of bags includes a range of sizes and encompasses BOPP 31µ, BOPP 40µ, and PET 20µ perforated, compostable and nylon/PE vacuum for various uses. Our BOPP bags have superior oxygen protection, as they are made from barrier film with a PVC outer layer. We also make custom food packaging, including stand-up pouches, vacuum bags, 3-side seal sachets and perforated bags for pies. Our machine can create bags with gussets, tears tabs, hole punches, wickets and fins, and lap or side seals. We are happy to assist with custom packaging requirements, so please get in touch. 

Flexible Food Packaging Uses

We make bags for a range of different food products, as outlined below. 


Keep your vegetables fresh with plastic produce bags. Produce packaging can be complicated, and we have all the requirements covered. We have specialised bags for leafy greens and slaws that contain unique features like micro-perforation for increased longevity. No more soggy lettuce! 


Baked goods should look delicious and retain their pleasant aroma and appealing texture when packaged. Keep your cakes, bread bags, biscuits and pies in prime condition with our exceptional packaging. You can’t go past our perforated PET pie bags for perfectly preserved Kiwi pies. 


Do you make products that satisfy consumers’ sweet tooths? Moisture and oxygen are terrible for confectionary preservation, so use our highly effective packaging solutions, which include tough LDPE bags and lamination. 

Snack foods

Nobody likes snacks that have lost their crunch. Keep chips, nuts and other items fresh, and stand out from the crowd with our metallised polymer film and other flexible packaging solutions. 

Key Factors For Flexible Packaging

When choosing packaging for your food products, there are a few key issues to consider. Preservation is possibly the most important factor, as your food should be fresh and crunchy. Packaging needs to be free from moisture, oxygen, and light to prevent rancidity and ensure crispness. It should also be robust enough to protect your goods from physical damage caused by rough handling.


Finally, presentation matters. An eye-catching design will elevate your product’s shelf appeal and increase the likelihood of customers choosing it over competitor products. Our flexible packaging allows for adaptive designs to maximise your products’ attraction. 


Safer For You And The Planet

Allflex packaging is manufactured in Auckland and uses the latest technology and innovations to improve and constantly deliver exceptional results. We are HACCP-accredited, which means our flexible packaging passes through rigorous processes and checks to ensure it is food-safe. Flexographic printed food-grade plastic and packaging are just some of the superior solutions we supply. We are also committed to sustainability and offer a range of eco-friendly options.  

For Quality Food Packaging, Choose Allflex

If you are looking for high-quality, purpose-made packaging for your food products, look no further than Allfex. A proudly New Zealand-owned and operated business, we continuously strive to create outstanding products that meet our client’s needs.

Our staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in printing and packaging, and they apply this wealth of knowledge to all areas of the business. With everything made on-site in Auckland, we can provide fast, efficient turnaround and respond to increased demand for your convenience. 

Need food packaging supplies NZ-wide? Contact us for expert advice and access to a wide range of options!